This podcast: The SANE war on obesity

Link. This comes from The Art of Charm podcast.

Here are some of the highlights:

You need to fix your body’s ability to burn fat. Caloric deficits don’t work. Caloric deficits are like fixing a urinary problem by limiting the amount of times you can use the restroom each day.

50 years ago, obesity was rare and nobody new what a calorie was.
The assumption is that all of a sudden we are becoming lazy bums who eat a lot. We haven’t all of a sudden become lazy.
What’s the difference between kids who become obese and those who don’t?
The underlying cause is that what we’re eating isn’t food.
We don’t study MSG on humans. There’s a relationship on rodents between quantity of MSG and how much they want to eat. Things like MSG cause us to eat too much.
SANE – Satiety (how quickly they make you full – eating Pringles chips make you hungrier)
If Pringles cause you to overeat and you eat Pringles and overeat, is the problem you’re overeating or that you’re eating Pringles?
You can drink 600 calories of soda and not feel satisfied. People eat until they are full. If the food you’re eating requires you to overeat to feel satisified, that’s why you’re hungry.
Obesity rates are skyrocketing worldwide as they get introduced to American foods.
(Restaurants are an excellent idea but in general we can’t trust them. Problem with¬†asymmetric¬†information.)
How do we solve it? How do cultures w/o rampant obesity problems? 40-60% of Americans’ calories come from things that didn’t exist 2 generations ago.
It’s nearly impossible to become obese with natural food. If you eat too much, you will feel full and your body will move more.
Diabetes isn’t because you eat too much food, it’s because you ate too much of certain types of food. Your body works the same way.

This video: The future of one-on-one education

Students learning in a one-on-one environment are two standard deviations ahead of their peers. They didn’t cite their source, and it seemed unreasonable. Here is the original study.

Of course, this isn’t a realistic way to learn. I don’t know that Duolingo has succeeded.

Still, there is always value in a better way. Perhaps there are steps to take to bridge the gap, to gain some of the benefits of private tutoring without paying all the costs.